Frequently asked questions about curtain cleaning

Here are a selection of the most frequently asked questions we often get from our customers...not answered your question? Please contact us to see how we can help.

About us

There are many dry cleaners that can and will clean curtains. There are very few cleaners who specialise in cleaning curtains

We are one such company and we cover the whole of Yorkshire.

All aspects of this company are aimed at one thing and one thing only. This is to provide a specialist, professional curtain cleaning service.

Collection and delivery

We cover the whole of Yorkshire, for full details of the exact area we cover, see our interactive map at the bottom of the page. This interactive map shows exactly which areas we cover and can be zoomed in and out as per Google Maps.

Yes we will! When we come and collect your curtains we will take them down and once cleaned re-hang your curtains for you. We understand this might not be the easiest process, but we have many years experience of dealing with curtains and will make the process as easy as possible for you.

General curtain cleaning questions

This depends to some extent on where you live. For example, if you live in or close to a city centre with traffic or industry, you would normally need to clean your curtains more frequently than you would if you live in a rural or semi rural area.

For average soiling, having your curtains cleaned once every 1 to 2 years would be the recommended cleaning frequency. It is important that whatever frequency you adopt you should, in between, vacuum the curtains on a regular basis. The reason for this is that dirt, grime and grit, if allowed to build up on the curtains will degrade the fabric of the curtain and eventually cause damage to them.

There are two main types of cleaning for curtains. The first is to have your curtains cleaned whilst still up at the windows and the second is full immersion dry cleaning.

In situ cleaning will freshen up curtains. However this method will not lift ingrained dirt from the fabric.

The full immersion dry cleaning process allows us to pre treat specific stains before the full cleaning process is carried out.

Full immersion cleaning is acknowledged as the best way of removing ingrained dirt deep in the fabric of the curtains. We only do full immersion cleaning.

Shrinkage may occur in some instances but not in others. All curtain fabrics, when woven, are tensioned. When cleaned, the fabric can “relax” and revert to its natural tension resulting in shrinkage. This shrinkage will normally result in the linings of the curtains showing below the actual curtain fabric.

At most, this type of shrinkage should not exceed 3% of the overall length of the curtains. (this is the industry standard). Where this type of shrinkage occurs, it can readily be rectified.

Our procedures, processes and equipment all allow us to:

a) Inhibit the occurrence of shrinkage and

b) Remedying the problem if it occurs.

We are able to do this because we measure curtains before and after cleaning to establish if shrinkage has occurred, we are able to adjust programmes to suit different types of fabric and, finally, we are one of only very few cleaners to have the necessary equipment to pull back any shrinkage.

Curtain linings are present to protect the curtain fabric itself. They do so by shielding the curtain itself from both sunlight and condensation. Sunlight will fade the linings and weaken the lining fabric. When cleaned, the weakened linings can then shred during the cleaning process. The cost of replacing linings is far less than the cost of replacement the curtains themselves.

What are the effects of sunlight on curtains and linings

Everyday exposure to Ultra Violet (UV) light weakens material, especially along the edges and vertical fold lines of the curtain.

The effects of this light damage is often masked by soiling and may become visible or more pronounced after cleaning. This may show as lightened or faded fabric.

This can also cause your linings to tear in the cleaning process.

Even though your curtains may have a dry clean only label on, there still may be problems during cleaning.

This material may have been tested for suitability for dry cleaning when new and passed the test.

After being exposed to sunlight the material may start to break down and when cleaned may de-laminate. We cannot forsee this before cleaning.

Linings are used to preserve your curtain material from sunlight. So linings usually wear out before your curtains.

The vast majority of curtains are cleaned without any problems at all. We will always use best practive to ensure your curtains are cleaned and finished to the highest standard achievable.

Commercial curtain cleaning

We know cost of cleaning commercial curtains can be expensive, so we offer an interest free option for schools, hospitals, nursing homes etc... please contact us for further details.

FREE collection and delivery

We collect from your home or work place.

Free no-obligation quote

We offer a free no-obligation quote for both our domestic and our commercial curtain cleaning services - we will come to you to see the job and offer you a quote with no-obligation to purchase our services.

Areas we cover

We are based in Garforth, however we will come and pick up your curtains, clean then and drop them back to you within a 60 mile radius of Garforth / Leeds - we'll even hang them again for you!

Larger commercial enquiries

For larger, commecial enquiries we cover a 100 miles radius from Leeds. Not sure if we cover your area, give us a call today on 0113 287 4449 or email us on